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Yes Have Some: YHS Podcast countdown to Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

Yes Have Some Podcast

It's Yes Have Some Podcast, your weekly stress therapy session! Movies, TV, toys? We collect it all! Hold onto your butts and get ready to have some!

Feb 7, 2019

It's YHS's third birthday and we're celebrating by doing what we do best; stressing! First, we take a little trip down memory lane and talk about some of our favorite moments of the past three years and then we move on to some classic YHS STRESS! No spoilers but it involves Craig, Gamestop, and some highly anticipated TMNT toys!

From there, we take a look at the brand new trailer for Pet Sematary, break down all of the good and bad, discuss key differences between the book and what we're seeing in the trailers, and offer Jake some much needed moral support!

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