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Yes Have Some: YHS Podcast countdown to Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

Yes Have Some Podcast

It's Yes Have Some Podcast, your weekly stress therapy session! Movies, TV, toys? We collect it all! Hold onto your butts and get ready to have some!

Sep 27, 2016

Welcome to episode 33 of Yes Have Some Podcast! We're kicking the Halloween season off early with the Grand Opening of our very own Yes Have Some Haunted Horror Dome! Step up, step in, and please watch your step because it's always nighttime inside this Horror Dome. Summer's over and there's a chill inside the YHS Stress Confessional, so you better grab a sweater and bring a flashlight. Was that a baby crying? Where did these piles of rocks come from? Where did the second half of our episode go? We're so scared right now. Please tell our families we love them and tune in to this week's episode for a full Blair Witch breakdown. As always we ask that you remember to hold on to your butts, don't lose your way, and beware of jump scares!