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Yes Have Some: YHS Podcast countdown to Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

Yes Have Some Podcast

It's Yes Have Some Podcast, your weekly stress therapy session! Movies, TV, toys? We collect it all! Hold onto your butts and get ready to have some!

Mar 30, 2017

Hello, Georgie! It's time for episode 51 of Yes Have Some Podcast: Take One For The Team! Want a balloon? They float and you will to when you listen to this very special emergency trailer breakdown of the new trailer for It: The Losers Club, which was released earlier today by Warner Bros studios. Does Pennywise look scary enough? What kind of shampoo do you think he uses? Where's Georgie's photo album? Is Bev okay? We worry about her, a lot. Find out the answers to these gnawing questions on this week's episode of YHS, the one where it got kind of weird down in the sewers!

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