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Yes Have Some: YHS Podcast countdown to Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

Yes Have Some Podcast

It's Yes Have Some Podcast, your weekly stress therapy session! Movies, TV, toys? We collect it all! Hold onto your butts and get ready to have some!

Dec 26, 2019

Welcome to the annual YHS Holiday Wish List! The YHS crew has thought long and hard about their "Dear Santa" letters and now we're ready to reveal each of our own personal top 5 most wanted Holiday presents! We've got toys and clothes from Ghostbusters, TMNT, JAWS, and  of course Abbey's favorite' recreational vehicles!...

Dec 20, 2019

YHS just saw The Rise of Skywalker and we hopped on the pod to get our gut reactions off our chest! We came, we saw, we cried, we laughed, and then we cried some more! Tune in for all of our thoughts and feelings! 

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Dec 12, 2019

It's here! The first trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife dropped this week and we are beyond stressed! We've had a few days to let the dust settle and now YHS is back with full analysis and reactions to what is being called (by us) as the greatest event in motion picture history! Join us for the stress and make sure...

Dec 7, 2019

We have a title and Paul Rudd has a ghost trap! Also, we have a POSTER! Ghostbusters: Afterlife is officially on the way and YHS Podcast is back with a special bonus episode covering today's reveals from Vanity Fair, including the major news that the first trailer is hitting Monday!

Join us for our first reactions and...

Dec 4, 2019

Attention! Alert! Abigail Gardner has taken over the podcast! Well, kind of at least. Join the YHS gang as they prepare for a crazy couple weeks of Star Wars and POSSIBLY the new trailer for Ghostbusters 2020! We've got the latest details on the what, when, and where for the GB trailer plus Star Wars Hotels, The...